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The Basics Of Pest Control

The Basics Of Pest Control

When the average person thinks of pest control, they tend to think of pests that are outside their home or work area. Only a small amount of people realizes that the pests that are visible outside your home frequently are inside of your home also. Pest Control San Antonio
There is much debate on if natural pest control is better than chemical pest control or vice versa. The general consensus is that most people will need a mix of both to get the desired effect. Too much of either natural or chemical pest control can have undesirable results both in your home and in your living environment in general.

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Pests come in many forms. The average homeowner has a constant battle with mosquitoes, crickets and even rodents. Mole crickets are a big threat to any vegetation and are known to move in a radius of up to five miles. Unlike house crickets, mole crickets will not damage fabrics or paper products, nor will they bite or sting.
Everyone should take precautions to control mosquitoes. Mosquitoes are flies that feed on the blood of humans and animals. Using insect repellant or mosquito netting can easily control them. The majority of the mosquito species are nocturnal and it is only the females that will attempt to feed on mammals for blood.

Normal house crickets can become a huge problem is left unchecked. They consume plants, seeds, fruits and even twine. Once they are gain entry into your home, they will damage anything that has fabric, such as your clothing, linens and even your furniture. The fabrics of choice tend to be cotton, silk and wool.

One method of controlling crickets is to use a technique called prebaiting. This method is great for controlling cricket infestation and if combined with a chemical treatment, it can keep crickets out of your yard and home entirely. You should be aware that once crickets establish nests near your home, it would be very difficult to get rid of them. You can expect it to take up to three months to get rid of them.

To control rodents, you usually will use one of three types of traps. Some traps do not kill the rodent, but only detain it for disposal at a later time. Other traps attempt to kill the rodent by hitting it with a spring-loaded bar that will be triggered when the rodent tries to take the bait of the trap. Regardless of the type of trap you use, you will need to dispose of any rodent that is caught by it, and it is for this reason that all traps are generally not very popular. rodent control san antonio

A safe and humane way to rid your environment of rodents is to use repellants. These products fool the rodent into believing that there is a predator in the area and they will then avoid staying in the area. Products such as these are now readily available in many retail stores across the country. Having too many mosquitos in your backyard?

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