Sometimes we have to deal with unwanted visitors

Sometimes we have to deal with unwanted visitors in our house. They’re creepy, gross, and hide in dark places. That’s right: we’re talking about PESTS. In order to prevent an infestation, you’ll need to manage your pests by hiring a San Antonio pest control company. In the event that pests are already invading your house, you’ll need to contact Pest Control ASAP.

Some pests are more dangerous to your well being and home, but no matter what kind of pest is living in your home, it’s essential to consult a pest control specialist ASAP. Our Pest Control company has listed a few things to look out for to decipher what kind of pest problem you’re having:

• Moths. Moths won’t hesitate to destroy your entire wardrobe. If you have damage to wool rugs or clothing, you probably have a moth infestation.
• Fleas. Fleas are one of the main problems that San Antonio’s Pest Control deals with. Fleas are small brown or black specs. Usually, they’re the most noticeable on your white socks.
• Roaches. If you see a roach during the day, it’s a huge red flag. Since these creatures are nocturnal, they only come out at night. Another way to detect a roast infestation is by the finding shell castings around your house.
• Spiders. If you’re seeing a lot of spiders all over your house, then you most likely have a spider infestation. Also, the presence of egg sacs is another way to detect a spider infestation.
• Ants. Ants are attracted to damaged wood. If you notice an ant tunnels within your wood surfaces, you probably have an ant infestation.
• Weevils. Weevils are beetles that like to hang out in flour, rice, beans and wheat. Usually you’ll find them running around in your cabinets.
• Termites. Look for tiny pellets around your windows. They are evidence of the wood that termites spit out. Also, small mud tunnels near the foundation of your home can be an indicator of termites.
• Bees. If you hear buzzing within your walls, you probably have a bee infestation. If you can see beehives in the corner of your walls, then that’s a definite indicator of a bee infestation.
• Rodents. If you’re finding droppings scattered throughout your house, or can smell a musky odor, then you probably have a little family of rats that are hanging out in your house.

Here at our San Antonio Pest Control company, we understand that bed bugs are probably the one of the most threatening things that could happen to our homes. It literally turns our lives upside down. In order to help you prevent these horrible creatures from infesting your house, our exterminators at Pest Control San nAntonio have compiled a list of things you can do.

1. Check your hotel room for signs of bedbugs.

• To inspect a hotel or room you are staying in for bed bugs, pull back the sheets and inspect the seams for bugs. Also, tiny blood spots can be an indicator of bed bugs.
• Examine the wood on the bed frame.
• Don’t set your luggage bin the cradels. Pest Control – exterminators suggest that you leave your luggage in the bathtub, as it is the safest place in the room.
2. Store your luggage in a plastic bag. Put your laundry in a plastic bag. Upon returning home, put the clothes in the dryer on the highest setting.

3. Bed bugs aren’t just in bed. Our Pest Control Technicians suggests that to prevent bed bugs from infesting your home further, you should vacuum off luggage. Hand-wash other items with hot and soapy water.

4. Know a bed bug when you see one. Bed bugs have a flat & oval body with a reddish brown color. They are around 1/4 of an inch in length.

5. If you see a bug on your bed, don’t freak out. It’s most likely not a bed bug. Before you start calling every local pest control company, make sure you know what kind of bug it is.

6. Make sure to thoroughly inspect used furniture before bringing it into your house. This one is a no brainer. In the same way that you would inspect the hotel room bed for bedbugs, inspect used furniture that you might be bringing into your house.

7. If you’re getting bug bites at night, you should probably consider the possibility that you have bed bugs.

8. A heavily infested house might smell like coriander.

9. San Antonio Pest Control suggests that you vacuum your mattress and bug spring regularly.

How to Select the Best Pest Control Service

Choosing a pest control service that you can trust is actually really important. If you want to ensure that your home is pest-free, you’ll need to know how to select between the many pest control services. We’ve compiled a few things that you can consider in the selection process.

• Be wary of companies that come to your home uninvited. They’ll probably try to scare you into doing business with them, but that’s considered an unethical business tactic of some pest control companies.
• Before signing a contract with a pest control service, make sure you understand the seriousness of the infestation they will be dealing with, and the work/ services that are necessary in order to get them out.
• Make sure you know the terms of the guarantee that your pest control service gives you. Make sure to ask questions about the measures you will need to continue to take to keep it under control.
• Always deal with a qualified and licensed pest control service. If you are doubting the service, ask to see a license.
Contact our Pest Control Company to find out more about our comprehensive services. We’ll make sure you are comfortable in your home without the company of unwanted pests.
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