So you have a pest control problem

So you have a pest control problem – termites, mice or rats, roaches, ants, spiders, or other insects? How do you know which pest control company to choose? Here are some points to think of when choosing a pest control company.Pest Control San Antonio

First, you’ll want to get a few quotes from different companies. This is where makes it easy. Simply fill in the short form and voila – companies contact you with quotes. What could be easier? No need to get out the yellow pages and make a series of phone calls. Please visit this website for more information
When you get the quotes, you’ll want to have a conversation with the pest control companies you keep on your shortlist. You’ll want to discuss the following topics with them.

After you explain your problem and we see your premises, our techs should be able to explain clearly what we propose to do, and why, including

  • The type of pests
  • How bad the problem is
  • What pesticides we propose using, what they contain
  • Any potential health risks or effects
  • How we propose to apply it
  • Any alternatives that may exist including those that don’t involve chemicals
  • What steps do you need to take to ensure your family’s health during the application of the pesticide
  • things like leaving the house for a certain period, removing food and drink from your cabinets
  • What you and we need to do so the pests don’t come back
  • Address any specific concerns (allergies, infants or elderly people in your house, pets, and any nearby wildlife)
  • Ask to see the label or Material Safety Data Sheet for the proposed treatment, which will contain any warnings.
  • Ask to see written proof of the company’s insurance. Our Company should have general liability insurance, which should also cover any pollution that might occur. It should also protect you while the pesticide treatment is underway on your property. They should also have workmen’s compensation insurance, in case a member of their staff is injured on your property. Not all states require such insurance, but be aware of the risks if they do not have it.
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    Ask about the guarantee. Are there any steps that you are required to carry out in order for the guarantee to be valid? An example in the case of termites could be a stipulation that if you made structural changes to your house without notifying the pest control company, your guarantee is invalid.

    Does the company belong to a professional pest control association? Such associations inform their members about the latest techniques in pest control, safety, and regulations. There is a code of ethics. Membership is a sign that they are striving for quality.

    Now decide who you’re comfortable proceeding with. Make sure they are licensed. Check your state’s website and find out which authority licenses pest control companies. (Your city may also do so). If applicable, find out from your state pesticide agency whether it has certification programs, and if the company is certified. Find out more here:

    Get references: neighbors, friends, at your place of worship, local business. Find out from the Better Business Bureau if the company is in good standing.

    Don’t just look at the price quoted but the overall value and your comfort level with the company. When you’re ready to sign the contract, make sure it includes the pricing clearly, and also the choice of pesticides, description of the treatment, and any guarantee and conditions for the guarantee. For Mosquito Control check this website please