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Pest Control Services : Carpenter Ants

Home Sweet Home!

You may have a very beautiful house, decorated with beautiful and costly wooden furniture. If so, there is a definite chance of a carpenter ants attack. They may destroy your furniture at any time. You need to know the way of getting rid of them. They are very dangerous and destructive. They can destroy tons of wood every year. It is very hard to get rid of carpenter ants. No need to be worried about it, now I am describing the way of getting rid of carpenter ants. Ant Control San Antonio
Nature of Carpenter Ant – For getting rid of carpenter ants, it is very important to know their nature. How do they look, what do they do for collecting food, what is their food, what do they like, and also dislike? They do not destroy wood for food like termites. They do not eat wood. They use woods for making nests. They create tunnels inside the wood and start breeding.

Physical Characteristics of Carpenter Ants – they are large in size and normally black in color. Adult carpenter ants can measure from 6 to 12 mm in length. Males, or winged swarmers, can measure up to 18 mm, while queens grow to 20 mm in length. They have a single node on their back and an even round thorax. They have an elbow angle antenna on their head and unequal wings pair on their back. Their hive consists of one queen, a few males, and the remaining worker ants. ant control services

How They Collect Food? – They have some scout ants in every hive. At first, they find food and signal the workers for collecting those foods. They use a scent trail to inform the workers about the food.

What Do They Eat? – They do not eat wood. They like to eat sweets and protein. They find food that contains sugar. Sugar attracts them very much. Protein is also very necessary for their existence.

What do they like? – They like moist places for making nests. For this, they find rotten and moist woods. They can easily create tunnels for making galleries.

Best Way to Get Rid of Carpenter Ants – In general, people wipe the places where ants nest and also wash the scent of the trail so that the worker cannot find the food source. They clean their houses and remove those materials which attract the ant. This is a very temporary solution to get rid of them. So, get rid of them, you have to locate their nest, and also the source of their interest. For finding them you have to follow their trail. They mainly become very active at midnight. Collect a flashlight and follow them. Hope you will be able to identify the location. Then you will have to select the technique which will use for controlling carpenter ants. The selection of inappropriate techniques and pesticides may create great trouble. If the queen is able to escape and survive, then it boosts breeding and the attack becomes more dangerous. san antonio ant control

Techniques of getting rid of carpenter ants – Simple and natural ways of getting rid of carpenter ants:
*Enlarge the opening of the hole and pour hot or cold water into the nest. Ensure the nest is filled with water. You may also use soda water; this also works very well.
*Remove all the rotten and moist woods from your house.
*Remove all materials which attract them, i. e. sugar, honey, foods containing protein, etc. Regularly check and clean those products which attract them.
*You should caulk or seal the hole of entering carpenter ant into your house.
*Use Neem oils for getting rid of carpenter ants. Neem oil is an organic oil. This is a natural pesticide. It helps remove pests from the house. Being organic oil, it has no negative impact on nature. Make sure the queen is dead before ending the operation.
*Use boric acid and sugar mixture for getting rid of carpenter ants. Boric acid and sugar mixture is very good for removing this pest from home. They like sugar and die eating boric acid. Make a 1:10 mixture of boric acid and sugar. The blending ratio is important because, if the percentage of boric acid increases in the mixture then the worker ant will die just after touching it. Otherwise, the worker ant will carry the mixture into their hive and eat it all together and die.
*Use corn products for killing carpenter ants. Carpenter ants cannot digest corn. So, if you spread foods made by corn around the hive then they may die eating that.

I think in such a situation you should not try to control carpenter ants by yourself. Without having sufficient knowledge the problem may become more dangerous. You should hire a specialist for removing them from your property because they have a good collection of pesticides. They are experienced in handling the problem. If you still want to remove those devils by yourself then do some research and find out the best pesticides.