Controlling Squirrels And Other Rodents

Have you been wondering how to get rid of squirrels in the attic or mice and rats in out of reach places? Have you noticed gnawed wires, chewed-up items in storage, and weird droppings lying here and there? That definitely sounds like you have a pest control problem and it may get worse if you don’t act quickly. Those types of animals can grow in numbers pretty quick if left alone and thriving. Well, there are ways to accomplish this task with very little effort that is non-toxic and an environmentally friendly pest control operation. Here are several ways of ridding yourself of these pests and how to keep them away. Rodent Control
Traps: There are three common types of rodent traps on the market in this day and age. The kinds that kill or maim, particularly by a spring-loaded bar that snaps down on the rodent and happens to be the least popular. The others are more humane and only require the pest to walk onto the sticky surface or a cage that automatically closes when the animal enters. However, they all require disposal of the animal, whether dead or alive and neither type of trap is fail-safe. Many times, the animal often escapes before the trap actually works.

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Poisons: The most common rodent poison is an anticoagulant containing warfarin. The ingestion of warfarin causes massive internal bleeding which is considered inhumane by many people. If using this method, it is important to keep all water out of access. The rodent will desire water due to dehydration caused by the chemical and will be forced outside of the home in search of water. You must close all toilet seats, and make sure to put away all pet dishes and other containers of water. Doing this will ensure the rodent leaves and keep the pest from dying in the home.
Predator repellants: This non-toxic, pet and environmentally friendly method is the most common and most recommended way to rid yourself of rodents. The repellant is the urine of foxes, coyotes, and bobcats. This prevents the rodent from taking up residence in the home or building. Since predators “mark” their territory using their urine, rodents smell this and detect the presence of the predators and avoid the areas that these products have been placed. These products are now available online on numerous retail sites where you can order the product in liquid, powder or granule form. More information on this website