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Silverfish (sometimes called fishmoth) are a very common household pest throughout North America, Europe, and Australia. They have no wings and take their name from the fish-like movements they make when they run.silver fish control - pest control san antonio

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Silverfish are not poisonous to humans, nor can they bite, but they can cause significant damage to your home is left unchallenged. They typically feed on books, wallpaper, photo albums, and textiles – if you see small holes with irregular shapes appearing in any of those items, it is likely that silverfish are the culprits.

Silverfish can be found in many rooms in your home because they seems to wander great distances in the night. Usually they are found in the bathroom, the attic, or any other dark, moist environment. In some cases, hundreds of thousands of silverfish have been found living in roofs and walls of buildings during demolitions.

The scientific name for silverfish is Lepisma Saccharina.

Silverfish are commonly mistaken for firebrats and vice versa. These two species are very similar in appearance and share a very common diet – the main difference between to two is that firebrats prefer warmer temperatures and are usually found near furnaces, boilers, or ovens. Firebrats also have longer tails and are usually more reddish brown in appearance. Silverfish, however, can often appear to be brown in appearance, as well as blue, silver, white, or beige.

Silverfish or Firebrats

The key to getting rid of silverfish is to change the environment in which they live and prevent them from easily accessing a source of food. Silverfish are typically most active at night and seek refuge in moist, dark environments at night. In many cases, if your home has silverfish, it is very likely that your home provides them with these ideal conditions.

In order to get rid of them, and keep them gone forever, you must fix any problem areas in your home that offer them an environment of high moisture. The most common problem area is under the sink, near the toilet, or any other water source in your home.

There are many products and chemicals available on the market for getting rid of silverfish. Here is a list of commonly suggested chemicals:

Boric Acid
Drione Dust

Silverfish Paks are also available as a method for silverfish control. They are designed to go inside rarely-worn clothes, on book shelves, inside curtains, in closets, attics, or dark places.

Like many of the suggested chemicals or poisons, it is suggest that you keep Silverfish Paks away from children and animals.

Suggested Reading

For a complete guide on how to get rid of silverfish without using chemicals or pesticides of any kind, check out Bob Haskins’s website on Silverfish Elimination. It provides a step by step guide on how to modify the environment in your home in order to eradicate silverfish for good.

Bob Haskins’s guide will show you how to:

–> Kill adult silverfish with homemade traps so that you can break the silverfish breeding cycle
–> How to prevent new silverfish from getting in your home
–> Prevent silverfish from accessing their sources of food
–> How to modify the conditions of your home so that it’s no longer ideal for silverfish

Getting rid of silverfish is easy (if you know what to do). We recommend Bob Haskins’s guide on Silverfish Elimination.
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